OUR MISSION:  To save the lives of animals, while changing the lives of children.

WHAT WE DO:  Tails That Teach is a non-profit organization that educates young children about kindness, compassion, and empathy by bridging the connection between people and animals. Our captivating books, Love Me Gently and Gray Whiskers, are donated to animal organizations to enhance humane education and community outreach. They are also provided to elementary schools to supplement character education and promote literacy.

WHY WE DO IT: Our books empower kids to make good choices and to respectfully care for pets and people. When young children are taught to be kind to animals, the ripple effects are boundless and children are less likely to abuse a pet or bully a classmate. Teaching kids to properly care for pets helps them grow up to be compassionate adults and responsible pet owners. By fostering the human-animal bond, children learn caring connections toward all living beings making a better future for animals and people. 

PARTNERSHIPS:  In addition to countless elementary schools across the country, Tails That Teach partners with a growing list of animal organizations across the country from Maui to Miami. Check out our tremendous impact on our Where We Are page.

Tails That Teach is also the proud founder of National Rescue Dog Day which recognizes the amazing ways rescue dogs impact human lives and brings awareness to the countless number of dogs waiting in shelters for their forever home. 

CONTACT: info@tailsthatteach.org

Saving the lives of animals, while changing the lives of children

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