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Happy Tails is all about saving animal lives, keeping kids safe, and preventing animal cruelty. Our goal is to teach kids to fight the good fight! This is successfully accomplished through early education about the proper care and treatment of animals. 

Happy Tails Humane Education© is an early education program uniquely designed to enlighten and empower children ages 5-8. The goal of this program is twofold: to foster strong human-animal bonds and to promote safe child-animal interactions in a way that young kids can fully comprehend. The program is available to animal organizations, schools, and community groups at no cost and is easily led by shelter staff and/or volunteers and ideal for internal programs, community outreach, and completion of scout badges.

Happy Tails Humane Education© was created to be fun and interactive to help young kids learn and to keep them engaged. The customizable curriculum covers four key components: the Kindness Connection, Responsible Pet Care, Animal/Child Safety, and Paw it Forward. The program is centered around the children’s book, Love Me Gently; A Kid’s Guide for Man’s Best Friend, which teaches important age-appropriate lessons including responsible pet care, patience in training, gentle handling, and safety for both child and dog. Exciting expansion activities include crafts and games.

Our Happy Tails Shelter Book Donation Program is available to animal shelters and rescue organizations around the country and helps families with young children start off on the right paw. A free copy of our book, Love Me Gently; A Kid’s Guide for Man’s Best Friend, is included in adoption packets to assist with the transition of having a pup at home. We have partners across the U.S. including Los Angeles County Animal Shelters, Orange County Animal Care, Wags & Walk, Humane Society of Missouri, and the Nashville Humane Society, just to name a few! 

Happy Tails Shelter Reading Programs helps kids improve their literacy skills by reading to shy shelter dogs. Kids build self-confidence and dogs are socialized helping them to be more adoptable. It’s a win-win!  

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How you can help!

Our goal is donate 1 million books to schools and animals shelters by 2025. Help us meet that goal and make a difference in your community by promoting literacy and spreading kindness! Corporations and individuals can sponsor Happy Tails by purchasing books at a reduced rate to donate to shelters of your choice. Co-branding and partnerships include specially printed books with designated page for donor bio and logo. Contact us at

Paw it Forward is another great way to help. Simply buy a book and we will donate one to a local shelter!