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KIND Kids is an ideal character education supplement during Kindness Week, Anti-Bullying Week, or anytime for students in grades Kindergarten through 2nd grade. KIND Kids encourages literacy and teaches core values of kindness, compassion, and empathy by paralleling the needs and similarities of pets and people. This simple, yet powerful program not only teaches kids the kind care of pets, but uniquely reinforces positive attitudes, builds self-esteem, and develops social/emotional growth by showing children how their actions directly impact others. Children are inspired as they observe how small acts of kindness toward peers and pets can make the world a better place for all.

There are two ways to get KIND Kids for your school. The first is by a visit from the author, Lisa Wiehebrink, which includes an interactive presentation about kindness to pets and peeps along with a book reading. Signed books are available to each student and a set of books are donated to the school library. The other is by utilizing the Tails That Teach books within your own character education curriculum. Don’t have a curriculum? No problem, we can send you our custom curriculum to teach children about kindness to all living beings.

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“Statistics show that fostering strong bonds between kids and pets provides them with a solid foundation to practice and build positive relationship skills. Teaching young children to be kind to all living things will most certainly curb adolescent bullying, domestic abuse, and animal abuse.”

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How you can help!

Our goal is to donate 1 million books to schools and animal shelters by 2025. Help us meet that goal and make a difference in your community by promoting literacy and spreading kindness!  Corporations, individuals, and PTA's can sponsor KIND Kids by purchasing books at a reduced rate to donate to schools of your choice. Co-branding and partnerships opportunities include specially printed books with designated page for donor bio and logo. Contact us at

Paw it Forward is another great way to help. Simply buy a book and we will donate one to a school!